team isaias !!


Hello Beautiful People --

A couple of months back I met Isaias at a Fundraiser in LA.

I saw this sweet little guy in a crash helmet playing with his Father and Grandmother.

He had a killer smile and with what strength he had, he clearly wanted to engage and play.

Naturally, I inquired about his condition.

Isaias (Izzy) has a rare form of cancer that occurs in infancy (traditionally kids under 2 years) which attacks the adrenal glands, neck, chest and abdomen. I also learned that the helmet was a necessary evil, because of Izzy's fragility. His disease had been that degenerative.

He can't even afford to take a fall. It could take his life.

Not your regular childhood.

Broke my heart.

After a brief period of remission, Izzy's cancer has returned

more aggressively. At 2 years old Izzy has seen more

suffering than most of us will ever face. This kid is fighting

for his life.

I'm asking you to help me fight back.

I figured, if we can do something to help Izzy and his

family, we would be easing not just a beautiful child's

condition, but the lives of those around him. I'm not

asking for a lot. I'm asking for something to make a

small difference in a very difficult situation.

His family need your support.

So let's do this.

Please help us in making Izzy’s wishes come true --

check out the wish list, send us a note, and donate!

Love, Peace and Isaias!!

Xx Daniel Gillies

welcome to our team isaias fundraiser!

Name: Isaias Quintana

Age: 2

condition: neuroblastoma stage 4S

heros: mommy, Daddy, Elmo, Spiderman

Favorite colors: Blue, green, red

Favorite activity: Strumming Grandpa’s guitar